Stock story


In 1952 Moncler SpA was founded in the French Alpine Town of Montestier-de-Clemont, hence the name Moncler.  The brands founders, Renè Ramillon and Andrè Vincent initially produced quilted sleeping bags, tents and anoraks to cater to the needs of mountaineers and their focus on functionality and warmth established Moncler as a trusted name in the industry.  Their head office is in Milan, Italy.

Why we like them

Moncler SpA is a high-quality founder-led business. It is a strong brand operating in the niche outerwear fashion segment with excellent track record of performance. It is still underpenetrated and a relative winner/share taker in the luxury market. Its growth is expected to be driven by increasing penetration in the new middle-class led markets with growing demand for premiumisation and aspirational luxury consumption.