Fidelity On Air – Investing for good, investing for sustainability

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Fidelity On Air – Investing for good, investing for sustainability

Bertrand Lecourt, Saurabh Sharma, Jenn-Hui Tan

There is no economy without water, and no sustainable economy without water and waste management.
With a growing world population, improving water and waste management is becoming a vital issue for governments and businesses to address. As standards of living surge and drive consumption, these rapidly evolving industries have the potential to make a significant impact on public health, economic prosperity and environmental protection.

Fidelity’s recently launched Sustainable Water and Waste Fund gives investors the opportunity to harness growth in demand for these services and contribute to their capacity for sustainable resource management for the benefit of both people and the planet. 

Join us for our upcoming Fidelity On Air event, where will explore these sustainability issues and Fidelity’s approach to sustainable investing with Jenn Hui Tan, Fidelity’s Global Head of Stewardship and Sustainability and Investment Director, Saurabh Sharma. Then take a deep dive into our first Sustainable Fund in Australia with our experienced Portfolio Manager, Bertrand Lecourt.

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This virtual event is for professional investors.


Individual sessions

Our proprietary sustainability ratings

Jenn-Hui Tan talks through how Fidelity integrates ESG considerations through our investment process and the importance of Fidelity's proprietary sustainability ratings.  Listen to how we assess, not just what the company is today, but what we think the company will be in the future.

Active stewardship at Fidelity

Jenn-Hui Tan discusses Fidelity’s two types of engagements. One is specialised engagements. These are engagements that are powered by the ratings that we've constructed. The second is a thematic approach to engagement. 

Fidelity Sustainable Water and Waste Fund: Global - Thematic - ESG

Bertrand Lecourt introduces our unique Water and Waste Fund and the opportunity to invest for good.  He explores the theme in detail and discusses his investment philosophy and process for the Fund.


Bertrand Lecourt

Bertrand Lecourt

Portfolio Manager, Fidelity Sustainable Water & Waste Fund

Bertrand Lecourt has been working in investment management for 20 years, specialising in the research and management of water and waste sectors. Bertrand is the Portfolio Manager for Fidelity Sustainable Water & Waste Fund.

Saurabh Sharma

Saurabh Sharma

Assistant Portfolio Manager, Fidelity Sustainable Water & Waste Fund

With 10 years experience as an analyst and Investment Director, Saurabh is the Assistant Portfolio Manager of the Fidelity Sustainable Water & Waste Fund.

Jenn-Hui Tan

Jenn-Hui Tan

Global Head of Stewardship and Sustainability

Jenn is responsible for providing external and internal leadership for Fidelity’s sustainable investing activities, including the strategy and policies on engagement, voting and ESG integration.

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