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Anthony Srom Fidelity LIVE with Anthony Srom

22 April 2020 | Anthony Srom

How is Asia faring?   

Portfolio Manager for the Fidelity Asia Fund, Anthony Srom updates clients on his views from Asia.  Does he remain cautious on the outlook for Asian company earnings and has this been factored into prices yet? How is China really faring - first in, first out and with supply increasing, is anyone buying?

For professional investors

Anthony Srom Will Asia lead the recovery?

18 March 2020 | Anthony Srom

In the last two decades, Asia has become a powerhouse of global growth. Demographics and digitalisation have fuelled an economic boom expected to continue for decades to come. However, this complex and dynamic collection of markets also brings the challenges and opportunities of volatility.

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Anthony Srom What's driving performance in Asia

03 July 2019 | Anthony Srom

Given the China-US trade dispute has clearly driven market sentiment recently, you’d expect the performance of Asian stocks to have come-off but in many areas the region is performing strongly.

Watch Anthony Srom, Portfolio Manager of the Fidelity Asia Fund to hear what’s driving performance.

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