Is now the time to act?

We live in historic times. The devastating COVID-19 virus has had an unprecedented impact on markets around the globe with the flow-on effect to the global and local economy already well underway. Monetary and fiscal authorities are rapidly stimulating their economies, which will have far-reaching implications for investors’ portfolios and beyond. Oil has collapsed, while investors nervously await incoming economic data to see how big a hit the Australian and global economy has taken.

Anthony Doyle, Cross-Asset Specialist draws on Fidelity’s on-the-ground global investment resources, including the Global Asset Allocation Team to share and discuss the current economic climate as well as the response from governments and market participants. Anthony discusses: 

  • Economic scenarios for global growth
  • Cross-asset themes, and
  • The asset classes and markets that are being closely watched by Fidelity International’s global team of over 400 portfolio managers and analysts.

Anthony Doyle has over 17 years’ experience in global financial markets, working for some of the largest investment management firms in Australia, Europe, and the United Kingdom. In his current role, Anthony helps to explain Fidelity’s broad investment capabilities, strategy, market views and performance to clients.