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Latest investment insights

Apr 2014New
EU elections are set to rattle the EU

Fed-up voters are poised to inject nationalists and eurosceptics into the centre of European politics.

Apr 2014New
Japan wants a surprise for its workers

It’s an economic remedy that will shock right-wingers.

Apr 2014New
China’s mobile-internet industry is booming

And will only get bigger.

Mar 2014
Australia’s most-welcome economic turnaround...

It was last done when Gough Whitlam was prime minister.

Mar 2014
China’s industrialisation is an environmental disaster

Authorities need to curb pollution while maintaining economic growth.

Mar 2014
What now for global equities?

Amit Lodha, PM of the Fidelity Global Equities Fund, shares his views.

Mar 2014
New technology stocks

Fresh opportunities but old traps.

Mar 2014
Why emerging countries are struggling, for now

It’s not the Fed’s fault.

Feb 2014
The Federal Reserve is many things

One thing it’s not. So look out, world.

Feb 2014
Are developed economies facing “secular stagnation”?

It’s not good news if they are.

Feb 2014
Investing in the "internet of things"

It could well be the next big 21st century investment theme.

Feb 2014
China's reforms could improve the country's credit profile

China’s recent economic reforms could improve the country’s worrying credit risk.

Feb 2014
What’s happening with Indian stocks?

Tim Orchard, Portfolio Manager of the Fidelity India Fund, and Sandeep Kothari, advisor to the Fund, tell.

Feb 2014
How’s Abenomics faring in Japan?

Not too badly and Japanese equities could well benefit further.

Jan 2014
What the past can tell us about the turmoil in emerging markets

Tom Stevenson, Investment Director at Fidelity, explains. 

Jan 2014
Europe’s crisis response stirs danger of deflation

So dysfunctional is the continent’s policymaking.

Jan 2014
China needs to reform state-owned businesses

But change to a sector holding back the economy won’t come quickly.

Jan 2014
2014 could be another good year for equities

So predicts Dominic Rossi, Global Equities CIO at Fidelity.

Dec 2013
Why ASX-listed roll-ups are thriving

Two forces have shifted in their favour, says Kate Howitt, Australian equities PM at Fidelity.

Dec 2013
How solid is the US recovery?

Here’s what a look at the labour market says.

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