It has come to our attention that Fidelity's name and logo is being used inappropriately in emails and texts misrepresenting Fidelity as ‘Fidelity Loan Services’. We would like to remind investors that they need to be vigilant of fraudulent investment schemes that pretend they are acting on behalf of known and established institutions, such as Fidelity, in order to gain legitimacy. Fidelity has a robust system in place to defend our brand that involves rigorous monitoring of its use and swift involvement of the relevant authorities, however, investors do need to be alert to these schemes. If you have been a victim of fraud or are unsure about emails or websites being authentic, we encourage you to file a report with ASIC.

The Fidelity difference

Fidelity is an active fund manager that focuses on bottom up global research. With one of the largest buy side research teams in the world, we have a unique ability to identify investment themes and ideas across different market cycles. 

Smarter investment decisions
We have a single global investment team which spans across asset classes, sectors and regions. Our 400 investment professionals share their knowledge and insights in real-time making every insight more valuable.

We cover 80% of the investable universe1 
We attend 16,000 company meetings a year. We conduct bespoke research, surveys and analysis. Our obsession with research means we're better informed to make investment decisions to benefit you. 

We think generationally 
Privately owned for nearly half a century, Fidelity is an independent company and investment is our only business. We think generationally and we're driven by the needs of our clients. 

Why Fidelity?

Latest investment insights

What a journey - Paul Taylor celebrates 15 years!

In the 15 years since its inception, the Fidelity Australian Equities Fund has delivered remarkably strong long-term performance, cementing Portfolio Manager Paul Taylor as one the industries heavyweights. We speak to Paul about his extraordinary success, the Fund’s evolution and what he’s excited about going forward.

What to watch at the end of the cycle

What to watch at the end of the cycle

The world seems full of questions at the moment: Where are we in the cycle? How will the shift away from quantitative easing impact markets and the global economy? Are valuations more attractive now? What will be the fallout from the trade war? Here are some of my answers.

Australian equities panel discussion: Part 3 - Commodities to  invest or not to  invest

Australian equities panel discussion: Part 3 - Commodities to invest or not to invest

Kate Howitt and James Abela discuss the importance of knowing where companies sit on the cost curve, all weather holdings and what's driving demand.

Australian equities panel discussion: Part 2 - Screening out the noise

Australian equities panel discussion: Part 2 - Screening out the noise

When hunting for opportunities, investors need to be aware of market trends and themes, macro-economic concerns, even political considerations. So what’s noise and what’s useful?

What does a MSCI inclusion mean for Haitian?

What does a MSCI inclusion mean for Haitian?

Chinese domestic equities have recently been included in the MSCI global indices. Neil Gough visits the world's largest manufacturer of soy sauce to speak to Zhang Xin, Haitian's Board Secretary about what inclusion means for the company.

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