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Fidelity is an active fund manager that focuses on bottom up global research. With one of the largest buy side research teams in the world, we have a unique ability to identify investment themes and ideas across different market cycles. 

Smarter investment decisions
We have a single global investment team which spans across asset classes, sectors and regions. Our 400 investment professionals share their knowledge and insights in real-time making every insight more valuable.

We cover 80% of the investable universe1 
We attend 17,000 company meetings a year - that's one every 10 minutes. We conduct bespoke research, surveys and analysis. Our obsession with research means we're better informed to make investment decisions to benefit you. 

We think generationally 
Privately owned for nearly half a century, Fidelity is an independent company and investment is our only business. We think generationally and we're driven by the needs of our clients. 

Why Fidelity?

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2018: A balancing act

Tom Stevenson

Most of the time investors don’t need to think too much about market timing or asset allocation. The long-term trajectory of financial markets is up and the only sensible thing to do is to be fully invested and allow the odds to work in your favour. As we enter 2018, however, it doesn’t feel like ‘most of the time’. 

2018 outlook: Asian equities

2018 outlook: Asian equities

Anthony Srom

Following strong returns over the last 18 months markets face a tougher period in 2018. Capturing returns may require investing where other are not…

2018 outlook: Global equities

2018 outlook: Global equities

Amit Lodha

When considering what might cause surprise for investors in 2018, I think it’s prudent to look more closely at factors that are not currently causing concern.

2018 outlook: Emerging markets

2018 outlook: Emerging markets

Alex Duffy

It’s been a strong year for emerging markets equites which should continue into 2018 but investors will need to be more discerning to generate consistent absolute returns.

2018 outlook: Braver for longer

2018 outlook: Braver for longer

2018 is likely to be a more challenging environment for markets but there’s no need for dramatics. Our CIOs share their views on the year ahead.

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