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The Fidelity difference

Fidelity is an active fund manager that focuses on bottom up global research. With one of the largest buy side research teams in the world, we have a unique ability to identify investment themes and ideas across different market cycles.


We have a team of more than 400 investment professionals connecting ideas across asset classes, sectors and regions. Insights are shared in real time across the team to identify patterns and highlight investment ideas, so we can stay ahead of the game.



We attend over 15,000 company meetings a year. We conduct bespoke research, survey and analysis. We believe that by going further we gain better insights and knowledge, to make better investment decisions for you. 



Privately owned for half a century, Fidelity is an independent company and investment is our only business. We think generationally and we're driven by the needs of our clients. 


Why Fidelity?

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