About Fidelity

A better financial future

Established in 1969, Fidelity International offers world class investment solutions and retirement expertise. As a privately owned, independent company, investment is our only business. We are driven by the needs of our clients, not by shareholders. Our vision is to deliver innovative client solutions for a better financial future.

We go further

Whatever your future goals, our investment team goes to the ends of the world to ensure we make the right decisions for you, and we mean that literally. If we need to visit lithium mines in South America or factories in China's industrial heartlands in order to gain conviction for an investment decision, we will go.

In fact of the more than 20,000 company meetings we attend each year, many take place outside of the boardroom. We do this because we believe that better research leads to better confidence, better investment decisions and better long-term performance for you.

Foresight through connected thinking

Sustainability is in our DNA

Engagement is at the heart of our approach to sustainability. As one of the largest asset managers in the world, we use our continuous work with companies to create lasting value for all.