Investment philosophy

Portfolio management driven by rigorous in-house research is at the core of what we do. We believe markets are intrinsically only semi-efficient, resulting in the mispricing of markets, sectors and stocks. Our extensive global research team uncover opportunities and drive smarter investment decisions for clients. Research carried out on the ground gives us a 360-degree perspective. This uncovers opportunities yet to be priced in, adding value for clients. Partnering with clients is key to our engagement model and developing strategies best suited to their desired outcomes.

class view

Combining research from all asset classes into a single view of a security uncovers more opportunities.


Investment teams built on elite training programmes and selective recruitment of world-class talent.


Sophisticated risk management underpins our investment approach.

Our capabilities

Active strategies

Bottom-up equity and credit analysis is complemented by specialist teams focusing on economic and sovereign analysis, capital markets projections, tactical asset allocation, trading and currency management, technical and behavioural analysis, and other capabilities.

While portfolio managers have primary responsibility for portfolio construction and risk management, they are supported by sophisticated modelling, forecasting and scenario analysis tools, an independent investment risk team and are subject to oversight by chief investment officers.

Our capabilities

Quantitative, index and factor strategies

Our distribution partnerships offer clients access to quantitative index and factor strategies run by Geode, a global systematic investment manager. Their centralised research focuses on advanced quantitative techniques for uncovering opportunities, harnessed in a disciplined framework driving efficient exposures.

Our capabilities

Risk management

Risk is inherent in any investment so we seek to ensure that the risks associated with any of our investments do not exceed reasonable expectations given the potential return. We ensure proper management of trading and operational risk, and that aggregate risk which may arise from investing in a broad range of strategies is consistent with clients' objectives, firm policies, regulatory and legal restrictions.

Every risk must
be understood

and adequately disclosed to the relevant investment and risk management professionals.

Independent oversight

by experienced risk professionals is essential


are utilised by the risk team independent from portfolio management tools.