Fidelity Global Bond Fund

Fidelity Global Bond Fund
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The Funds aims to provide a steady level of income over the medium to long term.

A diversified portfolio of our best ideas for income generation across the global bond universe.

Aims to deliver investors a steady level of income stream, over the medium to long term by investing in bonds across countries, sectors, currencies and maturities.

Actively managed we seek to benefit from decisions around interest rates, yield curve management, credit exposure and currency.

Why this fund

A broad and diversified portfolio of high-quality fixed-income assets selected from around 30,000 opportunities around the world.

A dedicated fixed income team with long tenure and experience.  Globally, we've been managing global aggregate bonds for more than 30 years.

A clear and repeatable team-based investment process which leverages insights from our network of fixed income and equity analysts worldwide.

The Fidelity advantage in fixed income

Did you know that we've been investing in fixed income globally for more than 35 years? Hear from our fixed income experts to discover how we can add value to your fixed income investing. See why we're a refreshing choice in fixed income:

Is now the time for bonds?

We take a look at why now may be the time for bonds to shine, and why investors should be thinking about including them in their portfolios. 0:00 Intro 0:07 Why has it been challenging period for bonds over the past few years? 2:06 Is it a favourable environment for bonds right now? 5:46 How do investors access bonds today? Want to learn more about bonds? Visit

Key facts

Unit prices (at 17/05/24)
Buy 10.0354 / Sell 10.0354
Unit price history
Buy/sell spread
Buy 0.00% / Sell 0.00%

At a glance

Management costs1
Fund size (at 17/05/24)
Inception date
28 February 2024
Distribution frequency
Australian dollar
Bloomberg Global Aggregate Bond Index AUD Hedged

Unique identifiers

APIR code
ARSN code
670 988 539

Fund managers

Rick Patel
Ario Emami Nejad
Daniel Ushakov


Net returns as at 30 April 2024

Timeframe 1 mth
3 mth
6 mth
Since inception
(28/02/24) % pa
Fund -1.92 - - -0.87
Benchmark -1.70 - - -0.74
Active return -0.22 - - -0.13

Total net returns represent past performance only. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Total returns (net) have been calculated using exit prices and take into account the applicable buy/sell spread and are net of fees and costs and assume reinvestment of distributions. No allowance has been made for taxation or for any fees charged by operators of master trusts or wrap accounts through which the products are offered. Returns of more than one year are annualised. Returns of the Fund can be volatile and in some periods may be negative. The return of capital is not guaranteed. The Fund gains its exposure to global fixed income by investing in an offshore fund managed by one of our related entities (Underlying Fund). The holdings of the Underlying Fund are not selected, managed or measured with reference to any benchmark. 

Fund ratings3

Organisation Rating / Recommendation
Morningstar Neutral4

Ways to invest

This Fund is subject to the risk of stock market fluctuations. Investors accessing the Fund through a master trust or wrap account will also bear any fees charged by the operator of such master trust or wrap account. Any apparent discrepancies in the numbers are due to rounding.

1Management costs and buy/sell spread are current as at the date of publication of this website. These fees may be subject to change in the future.

2The Fund gains its exposure to global fixed income by investing in an offshore fund managed by one of our related entities (Underlying Fund). The holdings of the Underlying Fund are not selected, managed or measured with reference to any benchmark. 

3You should refer to respective research houses (and their disclaimers below) to obtain further information about the meaning of the rating and the rating scale. Ratings are only one factor to be taken into account when deciding whether to invest. Ratings are subject to change without notice and may not be regularly updated. Ratings are current as at date (s) stated below. Fidelity pays a fee to some research houses for rating our funds.

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