The Investor's Guide to China: Demographics

China’s labour pool is shrinking as the population ages and more people retire than enter the workforce. How people save and invest as they think about wealth preservation signals big challenges and opportunities for China’s pension system development. So, how will government policy seek to ensure that the corporate sector remains dynamic and innovative, and can keep attracting the talent it needs? What sectors stand to benefit as a very different, younger generation increases its purchasing power?

To help investigate these questions and more, we are joined by three of Fidelity’s portfolio managers, each with a keen interest in the changes underway in China’s population: Aneta WynimkoHyomi Jie, and Morgan Lau. With additional contributions from Casey McLean, Portfolio Manager, Catherine Yeung, Investment Director, Lily Cong, Chief Representative for Fidelity’s Beijing Representative Office, and Ren Cheng, Senior Research Advisor at Fidelity Investments in the US.



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