Invest via mFund

mFund Settlement Service allows you to buy, hold and sell units in Fidelity managed funds through a process similar to buying and selling shares.

You can easily buy (apply for) and sell (redeem) units via a broker and the transactions are settled using CHESS, the ASX electronic settlement system. 

Why invest through mFund?

  • Streamline your transactions - with electronic access to managed funds
  • Enjoy full transparency - through your existing broker with the benefit of seeing your whole portfolio position
  • Easy application - if you have an account with a participating mFund broker there is no additional application forms to complete
  • Diversify your share portfolio - access to other markets via managed funds

Some things to remember...

  • The minimum investment for a direct investment is $25,000
  • Applications through mFund are limited to individuals and self-managed superannuation funds
  • If you wish to hold your investment through any other structure, you can invest directly and then transfer your holding across to a mFund. Please contact our client services to discuss how

It's easy to invest through mFund

You can invest with these easy steps:

  1. Do your research, read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement or the chosen fund/s and the accompanying Additional Information booklet. Please note the minimum investment amount is $25,000 in any one fund.
  2. Contact your mFund broker to discuss and review the fund/s you are interested in. If you don't have an existing relationship with a broker, visit the ASX website where a full list of participating brokers can be found.
  1. Instruct your broker to buy units in the interested fund/s, providing your payment details.
  2. Your new mFund units are issued and transferred to your CHESS holding.
  3. Following completion of the transaction you will receive confirmation of the transaction and a CHESS statement.