Commitment to sustainable investing

Our approach

We understand that every investment decision we make has consequences for client portfolios and society as a whole.

Engagement is at the heart of our approach and as one of the largest asset managers in the world, we use our corporate access, committed relationships and continuous work with companies to create lasting value for all.

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Three pillars underpin our approach to sustainable investing

Sustainability is in our DNA

A+ rating by PRI

SMSF Awards - Highly commended
We have been a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) since 2012.
We are proud of our ratings. In 2020 we scored A+ in all categories assessed by PRI. 
PRI Fidelity score 
Module 2020 Fidelity score 2020 median 2019 Fidelity score 2019 median
Strategy & governance A+ A A+ A
Listed equity – incorporation A+ A A+ B
Listed equity – active ownership A+ B A+ B
Fixed income – corporate non-financial A+ B A+ B
Fixed income – SSA A+ B A+ B
Fixed income – corporate financial A+ B A+ B
Fixed income – securitised A+ B A+ C

To access the PRI transparency report please visit: 
Source: PRI. Rating was assessed in 2020 by the PRI and was based on company data as at 31 December 2019. Range of ratings go from E to A+. 
A more detailed assessment report is available upon request, please contact your local relationship manager

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Climate change will shape this century's economic growth

Climate change will shape this century's economic growth

Policymakers face a trade-off between the high upfront cost of moving quickly towards net-zero carbon targets, and the long-term physical damage to economies and societal cohesion caused by rising temperatures and extreme weather events if they delay action.

Fidelity called out as 'Responsible investment Leader'

Fidelity called out as 'Responsible investment Leader'

Fidelity has been included as a Responsible Investment Leader by the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA) in its landmark study launched this week. This recognises our commitment to responsible investing and attributes as an investment manager.

Zero is the Goal

Zero is the Goal

Making progress on corporate sustainability is a journey that is unique to every company. We must be driven by our commitment to contribute positively to the economy, while at the same time, working actively to minimise harm.

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