Annual Voting Records

Voting is a powerful tool for change, as it can force companies to adopt sustainable policies that generate value for a broad range of stakeholders.

As an investment manager, we have a responsibility to submit shareholder votes in line with our ESG principles, which will maximise returns on behalf of our clients.

How we voted in 2022

The Sustainable Investing Team analysed 4090 company meetings during the reporting period. The chart below shows a geographic breakdown of votes by region for the reporting period and an overview of how Fidelity voted on all ESG topics. Fidelity voted in support of management on all resolutions at 50.7% of the meetings that were analysed. Fidelity voted against management on one or more of the resolutions submitted at 43.8% of the meetings analysed. Fidelity did not vote its holdings at a further 3.5% of the meetings, the majority of these because they were meetings of Fidelity's own funds.