India's interim budget on expected lines

The Modi government last week announced their interim Union Budget. As expected, the focus was on farmers and the middle class ahead of the national elections scheduled later this year...

05 February 2019 | Sandeep Kothari
Rethinking Asia allocations:  The investment world's distorted view

Rethinking Asia allocations: The investment world's distorted view

There is more to Asia than many global investors outside the region realise. As a result, global allocations lag the region’s modernisation, and will be playing catch up with its structural potential even if risks and market valuations cannot be ignored.

23 July 2018 | Fidelity International
Our investment expert views: Asian equities

Our investment expert views: Asian equities

In 2018 Asian equity markets have challenging. Our expectation is an upward bias to volatility combined with moderating global growth and US dollar strength.

13 July 2018 | Anthony Srom
It's a dogs life

It's a dogs life

From pups to top performers to those best handled with care - we take a closer look at opportunities in China.

14 February 2018 | Fidelity International
China's tricky tightrope

China's tricky tightrope

Can Asia’s economic tiger save the cycle, or will its soaring debt bring the world’s economy down? Keen to avoid a financial meltdown, China’s authorities have brought an end to credit growth, reducing the risk of a crisis but creating a drag on global growth. And if there were another global crisis, China would not intervene again to cushion the blow.

23 January 2018 | Fidelity International
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