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EOFY: A message from Alva Devoy

As another financial year draws to a close, I’ve been reflecting on just how much change we’ve seen over the past couple of years. In some ways it’s been overwhelming and exhausting but in others it’s really gives you pause to stop and think of just how much we can achieve when we focus on a common goal.

09 July 2021 | Alva Devoy
Year in review: Fidelity business update

Year in review: Fidelity business update

It’s hard to know how to feel about the last 12 months. Tumultuous is the word that immediately springs to mind, dare I say unprecedented? However you describe it, it’s certainly a period in our lives that I think we’ll look back on with very mixed feelings. Fidelity's Managing Director, Alva Devoy looks back on one of the most volatile periods in history in our 'Year in review'.

13 July 2020 | Alva Devoy
Fidelity in the news: Resource stocks holding the line

Fidelity in the news: Resource stocks holding the line rapid rebound in Australian equities is a significant risk as the nation battles through the COVID-19 crisis, but the resources sector is one pocket of the market with a positive outlook and attractive valuations...

09 July 2020 | Alva Devoy
Lessons from the frontline

Lessons from the frontline

It’s been a very interesting time to be leading and managing an investments business like Fidelity; where human capital is at the epicentre of all that we do. We’re very fortunate that ours is a high ‘intellectual property’ business and industry, at a time when the world is meaningfully stepping forward into the ‘post-industrial revolution’ phase of its development; where capitalism is shifting to a world requiring lower ‘working capital’ and higher ‘human capital’.

16 June 2020 | Alva Devoy
How to explain the value of advice

How to explain the value of advice

This episode is stacked with surprising statistics, as well as fascinating insights into the 4 types of client personas, the ‘three Cs’ of client values and insights into how you can customise your service offering to suit different types of clients. With such a huge amount of valuable information, you may want to take notes on this episode!

01 May 2020 | Alva Devoy
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