Alva Devoy

The financial power of women

The compounding effect of the barriers women face in planning for their financial futures - the gender pay gap, longer life expectancy and periods out of the workforce, mean there is a necessity for women to be more active in investing, and once in they need to make their money work harder for them. In this podcast, Alva Devoy, MD of Fidelity discusses these issues and how women can start taking charge of their financial futures.

01 July 2019 | Alva Devoy
Why Active ETFs continue to shine

Why Active ETFs continue to shine

Until the first Active ETFs were launched in 2015, the choice to invest in an ETF was a decision to invest in a passive investment solution, but this is no longer the case. While more choice can only be a good thing, helping investors to understand the benefits and limitations of the different structures will be important in helping them to meet their investment objectives.

15 April 2019 | Alva Devoy
Podcast :  Strategies for 2019

Podcast : Strategies for 2019

After years of relatively low volatility, market gyrations took many investors by surprise in 2018. Fidelity's Managing Director Alva Devoy explains this is really a return to more normal market conditions, presenting both challenges and opportunities for investors.


04 February 2019 | Alva Devoy
2019 outlook: The return to normal

2019 outlook: The return to normal

Quantitative easing has been the only game in town for years but the game is now changing. Ten years into the longest bull run in history, major dislocations are starting to appear, characterised by bouts of volatility as we return to a more normal investing environment.

11 December 2018 | Alva Devoy
Australian equities panel discussion: Part 1 - defining the opportunities

Australian equities panel discussion: Part 1 - defining the opportunities

Don’t miss the first in our series of panel discussions - Kate Howitt and James Abela discuss where they’re seeing opportunities, finding stocks at a reasonable price and the areas they’re most excited about right now.

18 July 2018 | Alva Devoy, Kate Howitt, James Abela
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