Catherine Yeung

China bank shares tumble

Shares declined on a news report that linked three Chinese banks to a US judge’s finding of contempt of court in a 2017 case related to North Korean sanctions violations. But while many details remain unclear, any impact on the fundamentals of the sector should be contained. 

26 June 2019 | Catherine Yeung
Eye on the tiger

Eye on the tiger

Structural and policy reforms have widened the opportunity set in China. Combine this with the inclusion of A-share in the MSCI Index and we believe China should not be overlooked by Australian investors.

10 July 2018 | Catherine Yeung
Outlook for Asian Equities

Outlook for Asian Equities

The macro environment and the inclusion of A-shares in the MSCI Emerging Markets Index is set to boost optimistic investor sentiment towards China. 

10 August 2017 | Catherine Yeung
Catherine Yeung - What's happening in Asia?

Catherine Yeung - What's happening in Asia?

Catherine Yeung, Investment Director - Asian Equities talks through what investors need to know about what's happening in Asia. 

10 April 2017 | Catherine Yeung
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