Emerging markets

The future is bright

As a business we’re often asked about India and why investors should consider allocating either through a stand-alone allocation or exposure through an emerging markets portfolio. On one hand investing in one of the world’s fastest growing economies sounds sensible but equally investors have concerns around volatility and risk, particularly macro risks. So, let’s take a closer look at the case for India.

14 April 2019 | Fidelity International
The biggest election the world has ever seen

The biggest election the world has ever seen

The last three years have raised questions about the health of the UK's parliamentary democracy, but the system that was created in its image in India has surprised everyone with its resilience and longevity. This week, 900m voters will take part in what will be the biggest election the world has ever seen.

08 April 2019 | Tom Stevenson
Finding the sweet spot

Finding the sweet spot

Emerging markets are in a rare sweet spot. While risks cannot be discounted, there are a number of reasons why investors are returning to the asset class after a disappointing 2018.

11 March 2019 | Paul Greer
Emerging markets - worth another look

Emerging markets - worth another look

Fidelity recently launched our first active ETF. Managing Director Alva Devoy speaks to Portfolio Manager Alex Duffy about his approach to investing and why Australians should consider an allocation to emerging markets.

06 February 2019 | Fidelity International
India's interim  budget on expected lines

India's interim budget on expected lines

The Modi government last week announced their interim Union Budget. As expected, the focus was on farmers and the middle class ahead of the national elections scheduled later this year...

05 February 2019 | Sandeep Kothari
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