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2021: Seizing the new reality

2020 has been a year like no other in living memory. It serves as a reminder that crises can strike at any time, and that each one is different. Our 2021 Outlook reports aim to identify the main themes that will drive our new reality in 2021, with Fidelity’s global investment experts weighing in on how they expect markets to respond.

2021: The outlook for Asian equities

While new investment ideas are harder to find in a challenging economic environment, we're focused on finding investment opportunities in situations where sentiment is very negative to the point where fundamentals are ignored.

08 December 2020 | Anthony Srom
2021: The outlook for emerging markets

2021: The outlook for emerging markets

Looking ahead, there are many reasons to remain optimistic towards emerging market equities, which we expect to benefit from a combination of long-term structural growth drivers and more recent developments, including industry consolidation and acceleration of technological/internet trends.

07 December 2020 | Alex Duffy
2021: The outlook for water and waste

2021: The outlook for water and waste

We've seen throughout history that water and waste services remain essential throughout economic cycles and shocks. This crisis will be no different, with the sector set to come out stronger as we see switching from ‘stay-at-home’ stocks to ‘real assets’. 

07 December 2020 | Bertran Lecourt
2021: The outlook for global equities

2021: The outlook for global equities

There are a number of unknowns impacting market sentiment today, and finding those investments that balance returns with doing the right thing is not always easy. Disruption, management quality, pricing power, moats, and the societal impact of the companies that we invest in are all issues that we need to incorporate in our thinking.

07 December 2020 | Amit Lodha
2021: The outlook for Australian equities

2021: The outlook for Australian equities

When we look back to this period in five years’ time, we will view it as an excellent time to have invested in the market, despite the uncertainty and volatility we may see over the near term.

07 December 2020 | Paul Taylor
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