Fidelity joins mFund

March 2016

Fidelity International has joined the ASX’s mFund Settlement Scheme by adding 12 funds to the service including the highly popular Fidelity Australian Equities Fund.

From February 22, mFund will offer the six global equities funds, the three Asian equities funds and the three Australian equities funds that Fidelity offers in Australia, to allow more advisers and investors to gain easier access to these Australian-domiciled funds.

“More people want to invest in unlisted managed funds in the same way they can invest in Australian shares and with the same broker,” says Michael Bargholz, Fidelity’s Managing Director in Australia. “We are happy to help them do that.”

The Fidelity funds offered via mFund are:

  • Fidelity Australian Equities Fund
  • Fidelity Australian Opportunities Fund
  • Fidelity Future Leaders Fund
  • Fidelity Global Equities Fund
  • Fidelity Hedged Global Equities Fund
  • Fidelity Global Demographics Fund
  • Fidelity Global Emerging Markets Fund
  • Fidelity Global Dividend Growth Fund
  • Fidelity Hedged Global Dividend Growth Fund
  • Fidelity Asia Fund
  • Fidelity China Fund
  • Fidelity India Fund

For more on Fidelity’s mFund offering, please to go: