ESG: Our approach to sustainable investing

What is the future of ESG in the asset management industry? Hannily Pavey, Head of Corporate Communications, Europe and Paras Anand, CIO Equities discuss Fidelity's approach to sustainable investing and how it is integrated into our investment process. 

Corporate governance case study - Sihuan Pharmaceuticals

Corporate governance case study - Sihuan Pharmaceuticals(328.25KB)

Sihuan Pharmaceuticals was the darling of the Chinese stock market in 2014, however our analysts had a negative view on the stock before it's demise. Find out why.

Awakening the green giant

Awakening the green giant(357.61KB)

Interest in green bonds is on the rise but the market is challenged by a lack of standardisation and liquidity.  We think there is an answer…

Safety and ethics of driverless cars

Safety and ethics of driverless cars(508.73KB)

We weigh the ethical and safety issues surrounding fully driverless vehicles. Do the benefits of reducing human error outweigh the risk of hacking?

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