Asia is at a crossroads: Here's what investors need to know

This article first appeared on Livewire markets on 20th September 2022

Fidelity International's Anthony Srom has seen plenty of the Asian Century's development in his time. Since joining the firm's Singapore team in 2006, he's led the charge on investment ideas from across the region right at a time when economies all across the region were booming. 

But a once-in-a-century pandemic has its way of altering the course. Asia was the least immune to this change.

Before the pandemic's full effects were felt, the Asian Development Bank calculated that the entire Asian economic zone represented 50% of global GDP and two-thirds of global economic growth. The current IMF forecast for the Asia-Pacific's GDP growth has been reduced repeatedly - now just 4.5%, hurt by China's slowdown and soaring inflation.

The question now is where to from here. Srom says the Asian century is at a "growing pains" moment as the tailwinds in the region's most consequential economy have passed. So which nations will pick up the pace? Or will the deglobalisation trend that started in Europe leave the world's most populous region at the crossroads, making investing there just that little bit more challenging?

To discuss all those questions and many more, Anthony joined us for an all-macro, big picture edition of Expert Insights.

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