Ease of access to an Active ETF

Active ETFs - making investing in actively managed funds easy

Active ETFs provide investors with a simple way to access the investment expertise of professional investors. When you invest in an active ETF, you buy 'units' in the same way you purchase units in a traditional managed fund, but there are some differences in the way you invest. 

Easy to invest

Investors can invest in active ETFs using a brokerage account or via an online broker. This is similar to the way shares are traded on the stock exchange, and your holdings (units) sit alongside your other listed holdings on your account.

For investors with a HIN, this approach does not involve time-consuming application forms or extra paperwork.

Possible lower cost 

While investors pay a brokerage fee to buy active ETFs,  and are subject to management fees charged by the fund manager, there is no minimum investment amount.

Making record keeping easier

Units in active ETFs are held alongside shares in a broker account, making record keeping and tax calculations easier. Any dividends and income are paid into a separate cash management or bank account. 


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