In the weeds with one of the world's largest pulp producers

Engaging with companies is core to Fidelity’s investment approach. Learn about how we engaged with Brazilian pulp and paper manufacturer Suzano to help improve biodiversity, alongside cutting emissions.

Fidelity International engaged with Brazilian pulp and paper manufacturer Suzano in February 2021 after a competitor’s rewilding bond planted a seed for broader engagement on biodiversity, alongside cutting emissions.

During the engagement, Sustainable Investing Analyst Aela Cozic and Portfolio Manager Kris Atkinson spoke to Suzano about how it could preserve natural capital and be bolder on emissions. Suzano was receptive to our suggestions and four months later set a target to reconnect 500,000 hectares of fragmented land by 2030.

In the video, we hear from Kris and Aela and see live footage from the engagement in February. We also follow Portfolio Manager Fabio Riccelli to Suzano’s headquarters in Brazil where he talks to CFO Marcelo Feriozzi Bacci about the company’s new nature-based target and the role that active investors play in pushing companies to become more sustainable.