Podcast: The future of retail and real estate

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As the Covid-19 lockdown transforms consumer behaviour there is one sector that has had to adapt faster than any other: retail. Shuttered shops have forced companies to either expand their delivery businesses or rapidly develop them. The pivot has affected not just the retailers but their suppliers and even their landlords who are racing to keep up.

In this podcast we take a closer look at the changes that these businesses are making; the short-term adaptations as well as those that could prove to be permanent. Joining Richard Edgar, Editor in Chief, to discuss what it means for the high street, for shopping centres, and for the owners of those buildings, are Adrian Benedict, Head of Real Estate Solutions; Rebecca Clements, Senior Credit Analyst; and Serhat Birbilen, Equity Research Analyst. 


"You may not be the best operator but if you have liquidity...you're going to be the survivor."

Rebecca Clements
Senior Credit Analyst