The Investor's Guide to China: China's bond market

In this episode Marty Dropkin, Head of Equities, Asia Pacific, tackles a topic that often flies under the radar, but could in fact hold great potential for investors: China’s bond market. Investors focused on the stock market, and the challenges Chinese property developers are facing, have often overlooked China’s bonds, which have boasted some of the best returns over the past few years.

Hong Kong-based Head of Asian Fixed Income, Lei Zhu, and Fixed Income Portfolio Manager, Alvin Cheng, from our independently run mutual fund business in China, join Catherine and Marty to discuss why the same economic narrative about China is playing out so differently in equities and bonds, and where investors should start their search for opportunities in this vast market.

With additional contributions from Singapore-based Multi-Asset Portfolio Manager George Efstathopoulos and Shanghai-based Senior Credit Analyst Crystal Cui.