The Investor's Guide to China: China's Next Phase

Chinese equities markets have been volatile in the wake of last month’s Communist Party Congress in Beijing, where the country's leadership line up for the next five years was revealed. Investors have been looking for signs or signals in terms of what's going to happen as we enter a new phase of the Chinese growth story under President Xi Jinping's leadership.

Against an evolving backdrop of signature policies like common prosperity and dual circulation, China is seeing weak external demand creating challenges for manufacturers. Moreover, monetary policy is diverging between China and the rest of the world, not to mention Covid-related restrictions where domestic consumers are changing their spending patterns as the rest of Asia eyes China's reopening.
In this episode we are joined by Morgan Lau, Fixed Income Portfolio Manager, and Monica Li, Director of Research, Equities.
With additional contributions from Victoria Mio, Head of Equity Research, Asia Pacific, and Ben Li, Analyst & Portfolio Manager.