The Investor's Guide to China Podcast: China's offshore market

“We are at this point of time in history that you can call it a ‘golden entrance point’ because I think that in the next couple of years, China growth mutual fund industry is going to grow at a very steady rate and a very high rate as well.” Jing Ning, Senior advisor for China equities.

China's economy and its markets have faced a number of headwinds in 2022. Slowing growth, geopolitical uncertainty, the impact of the country's Covid policy, and how the People’s Bank of China, or the Chinese central bank, is manoeuvring how they ease monetary and fiscal policy as most other global banks move in a more hawkish direction. But despite all that, the opening up of China's onshore financial markets has been kicking into high gear throughout this same period.

In fact, we've seen a drumbeat of announcements about the world's biggest investment companies, Fidelity International included, moving deeper into China's onshore market, either by setting up wholly-owned local subsidiaries or, for instance, many global banks who have been taking control of their existing joint ventures.

In this episode we are joined by Jing Ning, a senior advisor for China equities, and Alvin Cheng, Fixed Income Portfolio Manager, to discuss how China’s local markets and its onshore investment industry are opening, expanding, and ever evolving.

With additional contributions from Helen Huang, Managing Director, China, Senan Yuen, Head of Investment, China, and Lily Cong, Chief Representative, Beijing Representative Office.