The Investor's Guide to China: Trade and growth

The Investor's Guide to China from Fidelity International takes you deep into the workings of the Chinese economy and its financial markets. A cast of investment experts working in the world's second largest economy uncover this rapidly developing market and avoiding its pitfalls.

Despite trade tensions China continues to be the world's dominant exporter. And thanks to the post-pandemic lead of the Chinese economy its capital markets are proving especially attractive to investors. But will these growth drivers be enough for a country facing high levels of debt and an ageing population? What will reshaped economic policies mean for foreign investors? Our investment teams have some ideas.

Joining Paras to discuss China's trade and other elements of the country's growth trajectory are Alex Zhang, a portfolio manager based in Shanghai, Wen-Wen Lindroth, Lead Cross-Asset Strategist, and Marty Dropkin, Head of Asian Fixed Income. With additional contributions from portfolio manager Bertrand Puiffe and Shanghai-based credit analysts Crystal Cui

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