Who can use BPAY®?

New investors can use BPAY to make an initial investment if they are using the online form. Payment must be forwarded to us within 14 days.

Existing investors can use BPAY if they wish to add to a fund they are already invested in.

If you need help, call Client Services on 1800 044 922 or email auclientservices@fil.com

How do I use BPAY®?

Simply follow the below steps:

  1. Contact your bank or financial institution to confirm you can use BPAY to make a payment from your cheque, savings, debit or transaction account.
  2. Access this BPAY facility set up by your bank or other financial institution via telephone or their internet banking site.
  3. Enter the relevant Fidelity BPAY Biller code for the fund you wish to invest in.
  1. Enter your 9-digit Customer Reference Number (CRN). 
  2. Enter the amount you wish to invest.
  3. Record your receipt number as proof of the transaction. Fidelity will send you a transaction confirmation within 5 business days once we receive your funds in our bank account.

Some things to remember...

  • The minimum investment for an initial direct investment is $25,000.
  • There is no minimum for additional investments. 

How do I get my BPAY® Customer Reference Number?

  • New investors using the online application form will be given your CRN after you have submitted your online application form.
  • Existing investors making additional investments can locate the CRN by logging into their account on the Fidelity secure website

Alternatively you can contact the Client Services team on 1800 044 922 and they can provide it.


What is the fund Biller Code?

Fund Name APIR BPAY® Biller Code
Fidelity Australian Equities Fund FID0008AU 39339
Fidelity Australian Opportunities Fund FID0021AU 39370
Fidelity Future Leaders Fund FID0026AU 41103
Fidelity Global Equities Fund FID0007AU 39446
Fidelity Hedged Global Equities Fund FID0014AU 39453
Fidelity Global Demographics Fund FID0023AU 41053
Fidelity Global Emerging Markets Fund FID0031AU 129577
Fidelity Global Low Volatility Equity Fund FID9876AU 98392
Fidelity Asia Fund FID0010AU 41046
Fidelity China Fund FID0011AU 39487
Fidelity India Fund FID0015AU 39495
For more information go to www.bpay.com.au

Additional BPAY® questions

There may be a delay between the day you initiate a BPAY® transaction and the day your funds are transferred to Fidelity from your financial institution. Units will only be issued once we receive the money in our bank account and will be issued at the unit price of your chosen fund applicable to the day payment is received.

You’ll need to check with your financial institution to obtain the daily transaction limit for your account.

BPAY® investments will not be accepted from credit card accounts.

If you are an existing investor adding to a fund you already hold, and making the payment via BPAY®, you do not need to complete an additional application form. If you are investing into a new fund or wish to make payment using direct credit or cheque, please complete this Fidelity Additional Application Form.

BPAY® is a service and registered trademark of BPAY® Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518