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Anthony Doyle Crisis, what crisis?

25 June 2020 | Anthony Doyle

The global economy has seen the largest bounce back from a bear market in history. So why is it then that the broader economy isn’t tracking the ASX? Is there something the market knows that the economy doesn’t? And if so, what are the implications for investors?

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Ben Treacy Anthony Doyle Richard Dinham Fidelity On Air - Managing equity risk in volatile times

Recognising the need for Australian investors to manage risk when markets are volatile, Fidelity has launched a global low volatility equity fund.

Join us for our live online panel discussion with the PM and our investment experts as they discuss the case for investing in low volatility equities

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Kate Howitt Fidelity live with Kate Howitt

17 June 2020 | Kate Howitt

American economist Ben Graham famously said "in the short run, the market is a voting machine but in the long run, it is a weighing machine" The message is simple, short term the market moves on sentiment or herd mentality, whereas long term fundamentals and valuations drive share price, something which investors have become all too used to during the COVID-economy. But when will markets switch back from voting machines to weighing machines?

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Paul Taylor Fidelity live with Paul Taylor

10 June 2020 | Paul Taylor

Australia in a post-pandemic world - are we there yet?   
With more data and information about Covid-19 available and economies reopening around the world, we are now moving through to the next phase of the market impact. Markets in the US and Australian have seen solid gains - is this justified or overly optimistic?

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Paras Anand Fidelity live | The new economic world order with CIO Paras Anand

03 June 2020 | Paras Anand

The playbook hasn't just been rewritten, it's been thrown out. COVID has completely transformed the way we look at the world, the way we do business and even interact with those closest to us. So what does the future hold? Do we expect a bull or bear case - and does the base case really matter anymore? What if the past is no longer a guide to the future?

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Catherine Yeung Jenn-Hui Tan Fidelity live | Asia in a post pandemic world

27 May 2020 | Catherine Yeung, Jenn-Hui Tan

Hear from our experts live from Hong Kong as they join us to discuss Asia in a post-pandemic world.  Catherine Yeung, Investment Director covering China and Jenn Hui Tan, Head of Global Head of Stewardship & Sustainable Investing share their insights from on-the-ground in Asia covering the post-pandemic consumption story, capital market implications for foreign investors, ESG and will geopolitics cause more volatility for markets?

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Amit Lodha Fidelity live with Amit Lodha

20 May 2020 | Amit Lodha

Until now investors and spectators alike have been focussed on stage one of the COVID-crisis: the escalation of the pandemic and the government response to keep the global economy afloat. But what happens in stage two, and what should investors be paying attention to when looking for signals for a recovery?

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Analysts Fidelity live | Australian analyst panel

13 May 2020 | Analysts

Fidelity Live - Insights and outlook for Tech, Banks and Healthcare from our sector experts.

Our Director of Equities, Viral Patel, hosts a panel of three of Fidelity’s most experienced Australian analysts covering the technology, banks and healthcare sectors. 

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Anthony Doyle Is now the time to act?

30 April 2020 | Anthony Doyle

How big a hit the Australian and global economy has taken?

We live in historic times. The devastating COVID-19 virus has had an unprecedented impact on markets around the globe with the flow-on effect to the global and local economy already well underway. Monetary and fiscal authorities are rapidly stimulating their economies, which will have far-reaching implications for investors’ portfolios and beyond. Oil has collapsed, while investors nervously await incoming economic data to see how big a hit the Australian and global economy has taken.

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Kate Howitt Fidelity LIVE with Kate Howitt

29 April 2020 | Kate Howitt

What does the corona-economy mean for dividends?

Australia has always been considered the lucky country, and it appears our luck has not yet run out. Public health measures in Australia have begun to flatten the curve and physically disrupt the spread of the virus. But as we now start to settle into the corona-economy, will Australia follow the worldwide trend of firms being called on to cut dividends and cease capital raisings?

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Alex Duffy Fidelity LIVE with Alex Duffy

23 April 2020 | Alex Duffy

How are Emerging Markets faring?   

In Q1 2020, emerging market equities recorded its worst quarter since the GFC.  Portfolio Manager for the Fidelity Global Emerging Markets Funds, Alex Duffy, discusses why he thinks this market sell off is different to the GFC, and how different regions and sectors are faring across the region. How are emerging markets responding to the virus, the oil crises and exposure to the US dollar, and what are the challenges or opportunities compared to the developed world?

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Anthony Srom Fidelity LIVE with Anthony Srom

22 April 2020 | Anthony Srom

How is Asia faring?   

Portfolio Manager for the Fidelity Asia Fund, Anthony Srom updates clients on his views from Asia.  Does he remain cautious on the outlook for Asian company earnings and has this been factored into prices yet? How is China really faring - first in, first out and with supply increasing, is anyone buying?

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