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Anthony Doyle Lowe by name, low by nature

26 March 2020 | Anthony Doyle

Australia is in uncharted territory. With the Reserve Bank of Australia officially turning to unconventional monetary policy, what should investors expect and how should they be investing in a world with record low interest rates?

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Amit Lodha Going boldly where no one has gone before

26 March 2020 | Amit Lodha

With the real economy slowing to a crawl to protect human life, record high levels of debt and a recession looming, it isn’t any wonder that we’ve seen massive instability in global markets. Everyone is seeking to draw a parallel to this period. Whether it be - the Global Financial Crises, the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918 or the onset of the Great Depression… But as Howard Marks eloquently put it - “Nobody knows”. Investing today is quite simply like going where no one has gone before.

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Anthony Srom Will Asia lead the recovery?

18 March 2020 | Anthony Srom

In the last two decades, Asia has become a powerhouse of global growth. Demographics and digitalisation have fuelled an economic boom expected to continue for decades to come. However, this complex and dynamic collection of markets also brings the challenges and opportunities of volatility.

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Amit Goel Changes to the Fidelity India Fund

12 March 2020 | Amit Goel

On the 28 February, Amit Goel assumed sole portfolio management responsibility of the Fidelity India Fund following the retirement of Sandeep Kothari, who was the Portfolio adviser to the Fund since 2016. Please join Amit Goel, Portfolio Manager for the Fidelity India Fund and Medha Samant, Investment Director as they take you through these changes and the outlook for investors.

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Paul Taylor Surviving volatility with Paul Taylor

12 March 2020 | Paul Taylor

Periods of volatility such as the one we’re experiencing are unnerving even for the most experienced of investors, with falls on the S&P/ASX at the beginning of March the greatest since the GFC. But on the other hand, history has taught us that what goes down doesn’t always stay down. So as investors, should we ride it out, what are the areas for real concern and what can we learn from the past?

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Kate Howitt James Abela Coronavirus: A test for Australian resilience

03 March 2020 | Kate Howitt, James Abela

Rewind a few weeks and Australian corporates seemed in good shape with strong balance sheets and relatively low levels of debt. But just how resilient are we? Can we weather a global pandemic?

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Alex Duffy Emerging markets: Fear, facts and future

03 March 2020 | Alex Duffy

Fear, fact and future: No matter what way you look at it markets have had an interesting start to the year. 2020 was meant to be a year where markets refocussed on fundamentals as geopolitical risks started to temper. However, the outbreak of the new coronavirus has meant investors have had to reevaluate given the impact to global supply chains, trade and tourism, especially in emerging markets. So how do investors make sense of it all?

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Anthony Doyle What should you expect in 2020?

06 February 2020 | Anthony Doyle

Barely a month into 2020 and we have already seen some extraordinary events.  Australia is in the midst of a national bushfire disaster, we’re dealing with the new coronavirus, just as the ASX hits a new high of 7000. So what does it all mean for investors?

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Amit Lodha Global equities update

10 December 2019 | Amit Lodha

The Fidelity Global Equities Fund has been an outperformer, generating alpha consistently for investors.

Portfolio Manager, Amit Lodha provides an update on the Fund and his thoughtful insights into the global outlook for 2020 and beyond.

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Alex Duffy Focusing on growth with Alex Duffy

10 October 2019 | Alex Duffy

Despite a challenging macro backdrop, it's been a good year for many emerging market economies. Join Portfolio Manager, Alex Duffy as he provides an update on the Fidelity Global Emerging Markets Fund and looks at some of the current themes shaping these markets.

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Kate Howitt Finding the opportunities with Kate Howitt

27 August 2019 | Kate Howitt

Is now the time be to sector and size neutral in Australian equities? Listen to Kate Howitt, PM for the Fidelity Australian Opportunities Fund cover this and more in this latest webinar replay.

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Medha Samant India: A long-term winner

09 July 2019 | Medha Samant

There’s been a great deal happening on the macro front in India recently - elections, tension with Pakistan, not to mention trade tensions between the US and China. What does this mean for India and will the region be a long-term winner for investors? 

Watch Medha Semant, Investment Director for the Fidelity India Fund latest webinar below to find out.

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