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Anthony Srom What's driving performance in Asia

03 July 2019 11:30 AM AEST | Anthony Srom

Given the China-US trade dispute has clearly driven market sentiment recently, you’d expect the performance of Asian stocks to have come-off but in many areas the region is performing strongly.

Join Anthony Srom, Portfolio Manager of the Fidelity Asia Fund to hear what’s driving performance.

For professional investors

Anthony Doyle Cut or hold: RBA rate decision

04 June 2019 | Anthony Doyle

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is widely anticipated to cut rates when it meets on 4 June.  Join Anthony Doyle, Cross Asset Investment Specialist at Fidelity International, shortly after the outcome is announced to analyse the impact of the RBA’s decision on both the Australian economy and investors.

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Amit Lodha The best opportunities globally

02 April 2019 | Amit Lodha

There’s certainly a lot going on in the background globally so what’s the prognosis for investors? Join Amit Lodha, Portfolio Manager of the Fidelity Global Equities Fund to hear his views on how 2019 is shaping up and some of the themes investors should be aware of.

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Alex Duffy Emerging markets - harnessing the opportunities

07 March 2019 | Alex Duffy

For our first inaugural webinar Alex Duffy, PM for the Fidelity Global Emerging Markets Strategy explains the significance of emerging markets and the unique opportunities this asset class offers investors.


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