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Paul Taylor Alex Duffy Amit Lodha 2020: So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodnight

25 November 2020 | Paul Taylor, Alex Duffy, Amit Lodha

2020 will go down in history as anything but dull, and if we're honest, it will be good to see the back of it. But with extraordinary times, comes extraordinary lessons. What are they and how do we prepare for what comes next?

In this Fidelity webinar first, we are excited to bring you a panel of some of our finest investors.

For professional investors

Paul Taylor Fidelity live with Paul Taylor

09 September 2020 | Paul Taylor

Reporting Season 2020

As reporting season comes to a close, you would be hard-pressed to find a sector that hasn't been impacted by COVID-19. From travel to IT, the knock-on effects have been felt far and wide - with clear winners and losers in the lock-down economy for the last 6 months. Veteran Portfolio Manager, Paul Taylor shares his observations of the 2020 reporting season and the implications of the second-wave of COVID cases in this episode of Fidelity live.

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Paul Taylor Fidelity live with Paul Taylor

10 June 2020 | Paul Taylor

Australia in a post-pandemic world - are we there yet?   
With more data and information about Covid-19 available and economies reopening around the world, we are now moving through to the next phase of the market impact. Markets in the US and Australian have seen solid gains - is this justified or overly optimistic?

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Paul Taylor Fidelity LIVE with Paul Taylor

15 April 2020 | Paul Taylor

The second derivative is now changing in most parts for the world - what does that mean for markets?

In Paul’s first teleconference in March, he was watching for the second derivative change in new cases of COVID-19, as it often represents the point of maximum pain and destruction, where thereafter we see the light at the end of the tunnel.  With a deceleration of new infections in Australia as well as most of Europe, parts of the US and the majority of Asia, the second derivative is changing.

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Paul Taylor Surviving volatility with Paul Taylor

12 March 2020 | Paul Taylor

Periods of volatility such as the one we’re experiencing are unnerving even for the most experienced of investors, with falls on the S&P/ASX at the beginning of March the greatest since the GFC. But on the other hand, history has taught us that what goes down doesn’t always stay down. So as investors, should we ride it out, what are the areas for real concern and what can we learn from the past?

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