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Webinars & teleconferences

For professional investors

Paul Taylor Alex Duffy Amit Lodha 2020: So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodnight

25 November 2020 | Paul Taylor, Alex Duffy, Amit Lodha

2020 will go down in history as anything but dull, and if we're honest, it will be good to see the back of it. But with extraordinary times, comes extraordinary lessons. What are they and how do we prepare for what comes next?

In this Fidelity webinar first, we are excited to bring you a panel of some of our finest investors.

For professional investors

Alex Duffy The Fidelity Global Emerging Markets Fund

01 September 2020 | Alex Duffy

Portfolio Manager Alex Duffy explains what makes the Fidelity Global Emerging Markets Fund unique amongst peers, as well as how the fund is positioned going forward to benefit from the current market environment.

For professional investors

Analysts Alex Duffy

Fidelity LIVE | Staying ahead of the COVID curve

25 August 2020 | Analysts, Alex Duffy

The rate of the information we acquire about the impact of COVID-19 to health, markets and societies increases exponentially every day. Each day our knowledge evolves, so how are our investors keeping abreast and making sense of the information to make long-term decisions?

Fidelity live is back from hiatus and in this episode we introduce you to Fidelity’s COVID Working Group - a task force formed at the beginning of the pandemic, specifically to understand the changing environment and keep our investment teams ahead of the curve. 

For professional investors

Alex Duffy Fidelity LIVE with Alex Duffy

23 April 2020 | Alex Duffy

How are Emerging Markets faring?   

In Q1 2020, emerging market equities recorded its worst quarter since the GFC.  Portfolio Manager for the Fidelity Global Emerging Markets Funds, Alex Duffy, discusses why he thinks this market sell off is different to the GFC, and how different regions and sectors are faring across the region. How are emerging markets responding to the virus, the oil crises and exposure to the US dollar, and what are the challenges or opportunities compared to the developed world?

For professional investors

Alex Duffy Emerging markets: Fear, facts and future

03 March 2020 | Alex Duffy

Fear, fact and future: No matter what way you look at it markets have had an interesting start to the year. 2020 was meant to be a year where markets refocussed on fundamentals as geopolitical risks started to temper. However, the outbreak of the new coronavirus has meant investors have had to reevaluate given the impact to global supply chains, trade and tourism, especially in emerging markets. So how do investors make sense of it all?

For professional investors

Alex Duffy Focusing on growth with Alex Duffy

10 October 2019 | Alex Duffy

Despite a challenging macro backdrop, it's been a good year for many emerging market economies. Join Portfolio Manager, Alex Duffy as he provides an update on the Fidelity Global Emerging Markets Fund and looks at some of the current themes shaping these markets.

For professional investors

Alex Duffy Emerging markets - harnessing the opportunities

07 March 2019 | Alex Duffy

For our first inaugural webinar Alex Duffy, PM for the Fidelity Global Emerging Markets Strategy explains the significance of emerging markets and the unique opportunities this asset class offers investors.


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