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Webinars & teleconferences

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James Abela Maroun Younes Fidelity live - Investing in the global leaders of tomorrow

06 October 2021 | James Abela, Maroun Younes

The global small and mid-cap sector represents a very dynamic and diverse group of companies, with many playing a key role in solving some of the world’s problems.

Join Portfolio Managers of the Fidelity Global Future Leaders Fund, James Abela and Maroun Younes as they explore the factors driving the best ideas and performance in global small and mid-cap as well as the outlook for the sector.

For professional investors

James Abela Momentum fading, quality expensive and value rallying - where to from here?

02 June 2021 | James Abela

Since 2013 James Abela has been identifying the future leaders of tomorrow using his unique QMTV investment process and philosophy for the Fidelity Future Leaders Fund .

James' tried and tested approach, plus his ability to ‘stick to his knitting’ has never been more important as markets experience fading earnings, ‘momentum madness’, and a crunch on quality.

For professional investors

James Abela Anthony Srom A year of lockdowns, what's next for markets?

14 April 2021 | James Abela, Anthony Srom

525,600 minutes. 8,760 hours. 365 days. A year of lockdowns.

11 March 2021 will mark one year since WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic. A day when many of us left our workplaces not knowing when we'd be back. One year on, as the roll-out of the vaccine begins, the prospect of a ‘normal’ society is looking more likely. Does this mean markets will normalise too?

For professional investors

Kate Howitt James Abela Coronavirus: A test for Australian resilience

03 March 2020 | Kate Howitt, James Abela

Rewind a few weeks and Australian corporates seemed in good shape with strong balance sheets and relatively low levels of debt. But just how resilient are we? Can we weather a global pandemic?

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