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Anthony Doyle Amit Lodha Kate Howitt Fidelity Investment Forum On Air Next level thinking: investing in a new era

In 2020 the world has changed by an unimaginable global pandemic. Business models have been transformed driven by supply and demand disruption, changing consumer behaviour, work habits and an even greater social conscience. The factors driving a company’s future success are going to look very different to the past.

For all investors

Anthony Doyle Crisis, what crisis?

25 June 2020 | Anthony Doyle

The global economy has seen the largest bounce back from a bear market in history. So why is it then that the broader economy isn’t tracking the ASX? Is there something the market knows that the economy doesn’t? And if so, what are the implications for investors?

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Anthony Doyle Is now the time to act?

30 April 2020 | Anthony Doyle

How big a hit the Australian and global economy has taken?

We live in historic times. The devastating COVID-19 virus has had an unprecedented impact on markets around the globe with the flow-on effect to the global and local economy already well underway. Monetary and fiscal authorities are rapidly stimulating their economies, which will have far-reaching implications for investors’ portfolios and beyond. Oil has collapsed, while investors nervously await incoming economic data to see how big a hit the Australian and global economy has taken.

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Anthony Doyle Lowe by name, low by nature

26 March 2020 | Anthony Doyle

Australia is in uncharted territory. With the Reserve Bank of Australia officially turning to unconventional monetary policy, what should investors expect and how should they be investing in a world with record low interest rates?

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Anthony Doyle What should you expect in 2020?

06 February 2020 | Anthony Doyle

Barely a month into 2020 and we have already seen some extraordinary events.  Australia is in the midst of a national bushfire disaster, we’re dealing with the new coronavirus, just as the ASX hits a new high of 7000. So what does it all mean for investors?

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