Aussie expert.
Global strength.

Local expertise

20 years' local expertise

Twenty years on the ground, investing in Australian companies covering the market spectrum from small to large caps.

Waterfront coverage


We leave no stone unturned. We meet with our companies, their competitors, their suppliers and their distributors.

Unique global insights

We draw insights and analysis from more than 400 investment professionals worldwide to get a 360 view of every company we invest in.

One of Australia's largest research teams

One of Australia's largest research teams

4 portfolio managers and 10 Australian investment analysts with 200+ years of combined investing experience.

The active advantage in Australian equities

At Fidelity, we’ve been investing in Australian equities for twenty years. We believe through our fundamental bottom-up stock picking and active management, that we can deliver superior returns to our clients.

And with the power of compounding returns, over time this performance can really add up.
The chart below represents the value now of $10,000 invested in the Fidelity Australian Equities Fund in June 2003 compared with $10,000 invested in the S&P/ ASX 200 Accumulation Index.

On the ground locally. Connected globally.

Stock snapshot

In-house detailed fundamental research is the basis for all stock selection.
Explore a snapshot of stocks we hold in the portfolios across our three Australian equity funds.

Why invest locally?

The Australian economy has proven more resilient than most in times of major economic challenges. Find out why investing locally might be for you.

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