The Investor's Guide to China: Engaging with companies in China

To many outsiders, Chinese equity investing might conjure up images of a huge momentum-fuelled market where investors revel in speculation and sustainability is an alien concept.

But developments on the ground in China show how stereotypes like this are swiftly becoming outdated. The country's markets have been changing shape over the last decade as institutional influence expands in the onshore market and foreign investors increase their exposure. A growing awareness of ESG has followed close behind.

In this episode, Catherine Yeung, Investment Director, and Marty Dropkin, Head of Equities, Asia Pacific, are joined by two of Fidelity’s sustainable investment team: Director of Sustainable Investing & Portfolio Manager Flora Wang and Global Head of Stewardship and Sustainable Investing Jenn-Hui Tan.

With additional contributions from Richard Edgar, Editor-in-Chief, Eric Zhu, Consumer Staples Analyst, and Binyu Zhao, Sustainable Investing Associate.