Insights from a CIO: Trump, China and interest rates

In this special and longer-than-usual episode, we get inside the heads of Andrew McCaffery, Fidelity’s Global CIO and Paul Taylor, Head of Investments in Australia to take us through how we’re currently seeing the world and reflect on our latest Analyst Survey. Is China still investable? What may be the global ramifications from the upcoming US elections? And where do we think interest rates will finally land?

Because we know time is a precious commodity, you can jump ahead by using the time stamps below. Otherwise you may want to consider listening at 1.25-1.5x.

Episode guide

01.30     Lessons from the last 40 years of investing

03.37     What is a soft landing and how does this impact the outlook?

08:31     What should investors consider regarding inflation?

14:22     How will wage inflation play out for companies?

18:35     The outlook for interest rate cuts

25:14     Will corporate activity pick up in Australia?

29.12     Investment opportunities in China

39:16     US elections and the implications for markets

44:28     Investment opportunities for 2024

Want to know more about the Fidelity Analyst Survey and our findings for 2024? Read it here

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This episode was recorded 9 February 2024.