Ready to take advantage of a shifting world?

This podcast first appeared in Equity Mates on 24 November 2023

For decades, we’ve seen the massive growth of China, in part due to our global supply chain reliance. As supply chains evolve and shift, the growth of the past may not be the growth of the future. But who will be the winners? 

With supportive demographics, emerging markets (EM) stands to be at the forefront of this shift. From Mexico’s proximity to the US to India’s growing textile industry, the future looks bright for EM.

Amit Goel, portfolio manager for the Fidelity India Fund and the Fidelity Global Emerging Markets Fund, and his nearly 20 years’ experience investing in EM, speaks to Equity Mates to discuss the global supply chain shift.

He does a stock deep dive on two companies: KPR Mill (India - textiles) and Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico (Latam - Mexican Airports). 

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